Singles Gatherings exist to help single adults build authentic friendships and connect further at one of our six churches. Different people connect in different ways. Some people connect through shared learning. Others connect through common social interests. Still others connect by working together to serve those in need. You can choose the way that works best for you.

Please read this information prior to registering.

  • Singles Gatherings are for those who are legally single. If you are separated or going through a divorce, we request that you do not sign up for Gatherings. We encourage you to instead get connected through one of our Care Ministry environments.
  • Gatherings are for post-college-aged singles and older (22+).
  • Gatherings are designed as opportunities for singles to take next steps toward greater connection within one of our North Point Ministries churches. Unfortunately, if you regularly attend another church, we will not be able to place you in a Gathering.​
  • We ask that you register and participate in only one Singles Gathering per cycle.

Registration is required to participate.

Gather around tables to explore relevant topics. Gather with other singles to do something fun. Gather together to serve our community and help those in need.

Katie's Story

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I met all of my close friends in a Singles Gathering. When I started attending Buckhead Church, I didn’t really have any close friends. I was smack dab in the middle of a transition phase and needed to find a new community. I started by attending a Singles Series, and when Singles Gatherings were announced, I knew that was my next step.

I was nervous to join Gatherings, but I forced myself to take advantage of all the opportunities to meet people. It took time and effort on my part, but I finally found the people I had been searching for all my life. They are the kind of friends that stand by me through thick and thin. They always have my back and they push me to be the best version of myself. My relationship with Christ has grown because of these friendships. My life is full of joy and happiness because of these people. I am so very thankful that these Gatherings exist so others have the opportunity to find this community as well.


Leading a Singles Gathering

Interested in learning more about leadership within Singles Gatherings? Get more information here.


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